Piercarla Garusi

Originally a Mathematician, I am a self-taught artist. I am also a professional certified coach and have studied various energy techniques.

I have created/exhibited a:

*Painting channelled for a winner of the Intelligent Optimist Auction

*Painting channeled for ConsciousLab:

*PARALLAX ART FAIR, London, UK, February 2012

* One painting on the website of Depression Alliance UK

* One painting part of the Art Show for LIKEME Lighthouse, Kansas City, MO, USA

*I was invited to give a testimonial on Art for Social Evolution at the 1st National Forum of Spiritual Experience in the Artistic Expression, October 2011, Attigliano, Terni, Italy - organized by the Humanistic Centre Salvatore Puledda from Rome and the Institute of Trascendental Art in Rome ES.TE.TRA.

*Painting part of the Cosmic Gallery of CoSM Journal - Journal of Visionary Culture - Cosmic Creativity Volume 7 - 2011 

*Paiting part of The Peace Project 2010 for Sierra Leone - Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, US - please click here

*Collective 'Creative Connections', Galleria 9 Colonne - SPE - Il Resto del Carlino newspaper, Bologna, Italy, May - June 2010

*Painting for World Peace Forum 2010 Luxembourg - Schengen Peace Foundation

*Collective 'Creative Connections', Galleria Studio D’Ars, Fondazione D'Ars, Milan, Italy, April 2010

* Painting created for the World Peace Forum in Luxembourg

My current private clients are based in the UK, Germany, Italy, Panama, the US.

Artist Statement

“I am the hole on the flute that Gods breath flows through.” Eckhart Tolle

My paintings come from 'somewhere else', from that place where everything is possible, from the place of infinite possibilities.

They are channelled, and as such they hold higher vibrations. Higher Vibrations will always improve your life.

I can now channel a painting specifically for a person, by connecting to their energy multi-dimensionally.

On the paintings there is often a quote or a message which can be channelled specifically for the person.

You can also commission your own painting, for your home, your office, your organization.