Art & Social Evolution

Who Are You?

What if we are not simply this finite body?
What if who we are contains this finite body?
What if whatever we think we are, we are Infinitely more than that?
What if we are the one who never ends?

How to Heal Our Lives

There are so many techniques to help us improve ourselves, to re-programme ourselves, but...

what if the only thing we need to do to heal our life in any area is simply let go of what we are not?

Who we are is covered by programming, by negative emotions, by beliefs, by thought patterns, by judgments, by all we have picked up during this life, from family, teachers, peers, society, culture, religion, and what we are carrying from previous lifetimes...

All this programming and negativity, all what we are not causes our problems: health problems, financial problems, relationship problems, etc. And the thing is that we do not need to re-programme anything, all we need to do is let go of what covers what we are. There is an innate Intelligence within each one of us that governs everything. When we let go of control, when we let go of all the negativity, healing can begin.

What is it that Enables us to Let Go of this Negative Programming?

According to all the techniques that I have studied, and my personal experience, there are basically two ways:

- conscious choice to release, and we need to have the right tools to help us do that 

-  with Higher Vibrations

They did some experiments in the US in which in a lake of polluted water they put molecules of very high vibration and these molecules changed completely the chemical structure of the lake - they healed the lake

If this happened in a lake, what can be done in the world?

Higher Vibrations Always Change Lower Vibrations

The Highest Vibration is Love, which is not a sweet feeling, it is the most powerful force in the Universe which transforms anything that is not it, into it. We are normally not familiar with this very high vibration, even with what we think love is, might be not.

We live in a world of duality where judgment governs everything. Judgment seems to govern all relations, when people are not able to welcome the beauty of what is. Judgment is the antithesis of love.

How to Heal the World

Higher vibrations heal. 

When we heal, when we raise our vibrations, we reconnect with Space, with Consciousness, with who we truly are, with Beingness, with the Oneness underlining all reality, with our Divine nature, and we automatically bring about healing around us simply by Being.

Our very Presence heals the world.